Baby Kickz


Custom kid sup bogo hoodie

Image of Custom kid sup bogo hoodie

Hoodies color as follow:

Brown with baby blue bogo
Pink with lime green bogo
Red with court purple bogo
Grey with light orange bogo
Black with yellow bogo

Brand New, Premium Cotton Quality

Stitched Bogo

Sizing Chart:

sz 110: length 39cm, chest circumference 66cm, shoulder width 33cm, sleeve length 32cm

sz 120: length 42cm, chest circumference 70cm, shoulder width 35cm, sleeve 33cm

sz 130: length 44cm, chest circumference 74cm, shoulder width 37cm, sleeve 35cm

sz 140: length 47cm, chest circumference 78cm, shoulder width 39cm, sleeve 37cm

sz 150: length 41cm, chest circumference 82cm, shoulder width 39cm, sleeve 39cm